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CMV premixes designed to maximize growth, egg quality, and general health of poultry. Specific solutions for broilers, layers, turkeys and breeders.


Specific formulations of CMV premix to improve fiber digestion, increase feed efficiency and strengthen rumen health. We adopt analytics, iterative testing, and economies of scale for optimal quality-cost balance.


Supplements enriched with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to support the growth, health and color of fish and shellfish.

Technical assistance

Complete technical support for nutritional solution implementation, including on-site help and tailored guidance to improve livestock health and productivity.

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At Vetam we understand that the basis of successful breeding lies in nutrition. That’s why we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality vitamin mineral supplements (CMV), designed to meet the specific needs of each type of livestock, whether ruminants, poultry or aquaculture species.

You can reach our team by visiting by filling out the contact form. Additionally, you're welcome to send us an electronic mail or to call us. We're available during business hours to answer any inquiries and provide the support you need.

Vetam proudly serves the entire regions of Algeria and extends its services to neighboring countries. Our reach across these regions allows us to provide our comprehensive range of high-quality animal nutrition products and services to a broad and diverse clientele. Whether you're located within Algeria or in any of the adjacent nations, our dedicated team is committed to delivering excellence and support to meet your livestock's nutritional needs and contribute to the success and sustainability of your farming operations.

Vetam offers a suite of specialized animal nutrition services, available with the purchase of our CMV products and to our regular clients, including:

  1. Personalized Nutritional Consultation: Joint development of specific diets for each type of livestock.
  2. Custom CMV Formulations: Creation of supplements aimed at enhancing animal health and productivity, backed by our expertise and commitment to innovation.
  3. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: Analysis to fine-tune feeding strategies for optimal health and yield outcomes.
  4. Educational Workshops and Training: Programs designed to broaden knowledge in livestock management and animal nutrition.
  5. Technical Support and Assistance: Technical help to navigate agricultural challenges and implement best practices in nutrition.
  6. Research and Development: Advanced research to introduce innovative nutritional solutions and support sustainable farming.

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How to achieve thriving livestock farming success

How to achieve thriving livestock farming success

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Founded with a pioneering vision, Vetam stands among the first firms to offer high-quality premixes (CMV) along with unparalleled technical support, setting new standards in the industry within a decade of its inception.

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality has solidified our position as market leaders, and we strive tirelessly each day to maintain and strengthen our standing.

From Vetam's humble beginnings to the present day, I have had the privilege to accompany the development of the animal nutrition market.
Key account manager (member for over 25 years)